Home Services. Reinvented.

Lili is a premium home service designed to give you the peace of mind that you really deserve. After you sign us up, we take care of the rest. Your home will be clean, well organized and inviting – Always!


Everyday Home Cleaning

  • Full Cleaning Service
  • Clean Dishes
  • Organize Clutter
  • Laundry Assistance
  • Task Assistance

Deep Cleaning (Once a month)

  • Steam cleaning for sofas
  • Wipe, wash and clean: walls, ceilings, window and glass panes
  • Chandeliers, fans and other fixtures: cleaned with care
  • High powered steamed carpet cleaning
  • Deep cleaning of kitchen platforms, refrigerators, sinks etc.
  • Hard water scale removal treatments
  • Thorough cleaning of gym equipment


  • Revolutionize home cleaning every day to eliminate buildups and promote better health.
  • Highly secure service-each employee is thoroughly screened, interviewed, police verified, and trained to provide premium quality service.
  • Teamwork, a minimum of 2 of our pros to spot clean a house.
  • Professional grade tools and cleaning supplies brought by employees.
  • Highly organized dispatch and scheduling, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, round the year service.
  • Advanced technology in web and cross platform mobile apps (iPhone, android, iPad, http).
  • Continuous training of employees and constant improvement in service quality.
  • Client feedback mechanism to gather employee rating and constant improvement.


Mitesh Shah

Software Engineer, Startup Hunter, Entrepreneur

Akash Tiwari

Software Engineer, Business & Financial Analyst, Entrepreneur and MBA Candidate

Peri Subrahmanya

Software Engineer, Team Leader, Entrepreneur